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Public Works

Moore Township publicworks@mooretownship.org

Craig A. Hoffman, Jr - Public Works Director
Leon Fenstermaker - Crew Foreman
Brandon Biery
Curt Cesanek
Rian Griesemer
Joe Heatter
Jesse Longley
Eugene Mackes
Anthony Schmoyer

Public Works
The public works department is responsible for maintaining our 110 miles of roadways, replacing drainage pipes across the roads, they also stone and pave when necessary. We mow along the roadways and the intersections, as well as replace road signs when needed. We still have many miles of dirt roads which need attention, including grading, stoning, and rolling.

Leaf collection
Leaf Collection will start around the middle of October and continues as long as needed to get the leaves picked up and taken to the Compost Authority to be ground up into compost for next year. Please have your leaves raked and put by the side of the road, but not in the road, for pickup by the Public Works Department.

Snow Removal
The Public Works Department is dispatched by the 911 control center when snow or ice becomes a problem on our roads. With over 110 miles of roadways, including many developments, and cul-de-sacs, the Department spends countless hours making our roadways safe for travel as soon as possible. It may seem to take a long time to get to your area, but we are out there and will get to you as soon as we can. Snow emergencies are enacted by our Police Chief, and relayed to our Public Works Director, who asks that residents keep cars off the roads to make it easier for us to plow and cinder the roads.

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