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Board of Supervisors
The Board of Supervisors, which are elected at large, consists of 3 members which, set policy, approves budgets and expenditures, administers personnel, approves subdivisions, appoints members to various Boards and Commissions, and makes decisions regarding numerous Township matters.

Board Members

Daniel Piorkowski
610-759-9449 ext. 6

Michael A. Tirrell Jr
610-759-9449 ext. 8

David Shaffer
Vice Chairman
610-759-9449 ext. 7

Township Manager
Nicholas C. Steiner
610-759-9449 ext. 2

Public Works Director
Craig A. Hoffman, Jr
610-759-9449 ext. 3

Zoning & Building Officer
Jason Harhart
610-759-9449 ext. 1

Historical Commission
Charmaine Bartholomew - Chairperson
Jesse Longley - Vice Chairman
Chad Brandon - Secretary
Bob Fedeo
Janice Graver
Janet Kline
Edward Marshall
Kim Silfies
Arthur Edelman - Associate Member
Helene Mery - Associate Member
Dan Tanczos - Associate Member

Planning Commission
John Becker - Chairman
Richard Gable - Vice Chairman
Jason Harhart - Secretary
Max Bauer
David Frey
Judith Rodwin
Bruce Talipan
Michael Wallery
John Wetzel

Zoning Hearing Board
Jeffrey Ayers - Chairman
Tama Rigler - Vice Chairperson
Jeffrey Deloglos
Randy Silfies
Lyle Woodard
Kimberly Talipan - Alternate
Zachary Zeitner - Alternate

Recreation Commission
Jodie Hartzell - Chairperson
Julie Poniktera - Vice Chairperson
Karris Pennington - Secretary
Dave Ball
Robert Bealer
Ron Silfies

Land and Environmental Protection
Robert Romano - Chairman
Maureen Romano - Vice Chairperson
Lois Kerbacher, Secretary
Larry Bender
Robert Fehnel
Peter Locke
John Nierer
William Poser
Thomas Roberts

Community Days Committee
Rebecca Miklas - Chairperson
Dennis Martin - Vice Chairman
Josh Cesanek - Treasurer
Lois Kerbacher - Secretary
Lisa Green

Township Solicitor
Atty. David M. Backenstoe, Esq. 610-838-2255

Township Engineers
Kevin Horvath, Keystone Consulting Engineers 610-865-4555

Township Sewage Officer
Chris Noll 610-865-4555

Emergency Management Coordinator
Jon Mann - Acting

Board of Auditors
Mary Schmoyer - Chairperson
Justin Smith
Terry Papineau

Tax Collector
Autumn Silfies 484-294-3798
2913 W. Beersville Road, Bath, Pa. 18014

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