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Land and Environmental Protection Board (LEPB)

Moore Township Mission Statement
Recognizing quality of life is linked to a healthy environment, the Land and Environmental Protection Board advises the Moore Township Board of Supervisors in ways to reduce the use of, and impact on, our community's natural resources through a comprehensive and continuous review of best practices and innovations.

The LEPB explores and promotes ways to establish a more environmentally sustainable community by fostering environmental education and championing natural resource conservation so as to embrace the long-range value of the environment to the people of Moore Township.

Please click HERE to view the Open Space Plan.


Recycling Centers
Please click HERE to access a list of local places to recycle.


Major Appliance Recycling
Please call or click the following links as Med-Ed and PPL will recycle your major appliances:
Met-Ed - 1-888-277-0527 www.energysavePA.com
PPL - 1-877-486-9204 www.pplelectricsavings.com

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